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Who we are


Be they in early-stage or long-established, SMB's are no longer willing to wait for 9 months to hire their new sales leader, build their sales machine and get first results.


Does that resonate with YOU?


Yederllow helps you get your products & solutions to domestic and global customers. Thanks to our sales expertise and (hands-on) advisory services, we support you throughout the sales process (from suspect to renewal) and deliver real (subscription-based) revenues. With us, you unlock your Go-to-Market fit and grow your revenues steadily: have more leads, land more deals and expand existing deals. 

Whether we get engaged in one sales step or provide the entire end-to-end process for you, all the benefits are yours.

Yederllow is not a one-man business – we have formed a group of Expert Advisors (business finders, freelance growth hackers, SDR’s, and content wizards, law firms, executive search companies, VC’s...). They engage with customers and Yederllow to make assigned strategic projects and urgent assignments successful.

Revenue Growth. On Demand. 



Why Us?

Why Partnering with Yederllow

We understand assigning (part of) the sales process and the related revenue accountability to a partner is a critical decision. Even more important is to drive an end-to-end sales strategy with a partner, who has the experience and the capability to focus on sales results globally. 

Main reasons to outsource your sales process include increasing your market penetration to drive market share, expanding your footprint in other geographies, and enhancing performance of your sales teams.

What you get? 

For a fraction of the time and costs incurred to search, hire, train and onboard your sales leader, Yederllow is your revenue growth partner. At the point of need.  

In the first 90-120 days, we deliver a sales plan including objectives, positioning vs. competition, target audience, go-to-market strategy recommendations, pricing model, and retained organization.

In the next 180 days, you get monitorable results : solid pipeline numbers, first deals, brand awareness among target audience. 

Our valuable customers operate in IoT, security & access control, human capital management, telecommunications,

hospitality and more. 

Our Services

Our “Air & Ground” services are delivered directly and through partners across the customer journey and range from strategic to tactical, and from advisory to bringing tangible results.

Our main three Areas for strategic action:

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(Hands-on) Go-to-Market Advisory

We help your venture (startup up to mid-sized company) act on the go-to-market strategy that will get your products to customers.

We co-define the best G-t-M strategy for you (target markets, direct vs. channel sales, offering, pricing, budget) and use the right methods to roll it out.

For that purpose, we report into the CEO and sometime sit at the company board / strategic committee. 

As appropriate, we build or revamp the sales organization, paying specific attention to the following:

  • developing a sales strategy,

  • creating and executing a sales plan,

  • selecting, customizing, and leveraging a sales process, with clear R&R’s and end-to-end technology stack, 

  • recruiting, hiring, training, and holding your sales team accountable,

  • building ad-hoc compensation plans,

  • reporting on sales performance.

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